Solving tomorrow’s problems with today’s solutions

Through our flexible and innovative solutions, IMS Software is committed to delivering best-in-class processes and technology that can help strengthen your business core.

Custom Software Solutions

IMS Software delivers custom software solutions that transform our clients’ businesses. We take the client problem, challenge or opportunity and leverage the skills, technology capabilities and experience of industry leading consultants to deliver strategic business results that impact people, processes, and technology. Read more…

Mobility Solutions

Mobility Solutions for business is not about developing Apps, it’s about developing a whole new strategy that business can leverage the use of mobile devices, smart phones, tablets, wearable devices, and more.

Data Analytic and BI

We provide state of the art technology to give businesses a deep look at their data from a whole different angle. iRecommend provides business with a full data analysis reports that goes beyond any existing BI tools. Read more…

We’re committed to do software development the right way

Agile development process

We involve our clients in every step of the project, with complete flexibility in terms of requirements, and complete transparency during the development process.

100% code test coverage

In software development code is the core value of the solution, we perform 100% unit test on every single line of code, in addition to that we have developed our own automated test servers that run integration test on every component in the solution, leaving no chance for human error.

We're always learning

Keeping our business and technical skills up to date is #1 priority in our team, every developer spends 20% of their time annually in training, in addition to that we keep involved in industry trends and evaluates every single new technology to see what fits our client.

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Would you like to join our team?

Yes, we're not Google! But we have almost all perks Google provides, OK, maybe not all of them, but we do have free lunch, free snacks, free gym membership, 'really' good coffee, latest tech gadgets, flex working hours, and we do have Google Glass in-house.

If you’re a good software developer that likes playing with Azure, .net, and Java, then drop us an email and we will buy you a coffee and talk.