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Unlock the power of the new technology to make your business applications future ready

Complex business needs require not out-of-the-box technology solutions. The team of experienced software architects offers our clients development services to create world-class, custom software solutions that address today’s ever-changing business challenges.

At first, our Project Managers assess your needs and then scope and develop the best possible solution for your situation. Whether your firm needs a cloud compatible application built from scratch or a multi-platform custom software, our development company will craft a solution to tailor-fit your business needs.

Among IMS Software’s specialists, there are only officially certified experts with years of expertise and industry knowledge.

IMS Provides Application Development for Various Industries

IMS Software’s portfolio includes projects for Fortune 200 public companies as well as for small, private companies. Among them, there are Manufacturing Technology applications (ERP, CRM, order processing etc.), that make business processes more efficient while automating manual routine.

As a custom software development company we work on a diverse set of projects including everything alike:

  • pipeline control software
  • complex supply chain management applications
  • and cutting edge mobile applications
  • web portals for collaboration with customers, vendors and other stakeholders
  • online platforms for multimedia files, e-commerce, etc

Apart from development, IMS Software offers deployment and further maintenance and support of the created software.

We partner with top technology companies such as Microsoft, Oracle, Google, Intel, Apple, and Amazon ensure, which guarantee we provide the most cutting edge technology solutions to our clients. At IMS Software, we’re excited to be your software application team and deliver custom software development services to sustain and grow your business for years to come.

Our development company assures to create custom applications that will be aligned with your business. Feel free to ask our consultant about any question regardless software development.

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